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Refer to the following data:

le(x, y) =  Least of(x, y)

mo(x) = |x| 

me(x, y) = maximum of(x, y)

Find the value of me(a + mo(le(a, b)); mo(a + me(mo(a), mo(b)), at $a = -2$ and $b = - 3$.

  1. $1$ 
  2. $0$ 
  3. $5$ 
  4. $3$
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1 Answer

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Given that: $a=-2,b=-3$

me(a+mo(le(a,b)); mo(a+me(mo(a);mo(b))

$\implies me(-2+mo(le(-2,-3)); mo(-2+me(mo(-2); mo(-3))$

$\implies me(-2+mo(-3); mo(-2+me(2,3))$

$\implies me(-2+3;mo(-2+3))$

$\implies me(1;1)=1$

Option (A) is correct.
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