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Refer to the following data:

le(x, y) = Least of(x, y)

mo(x) = |x|

me(x, y) = maximum of (x, y)

For what values of $a$ is $le(a^{2} – 3a, a – 3) < 0$?

  1. $a>3$
  2. $0<a<3$ 
  3. $a < 0$ 
  4. Both $B$ and $C$
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Option (A): $a>3;a=4\implies le(16-12,1)\implies le(4,1)=4\nless0$,

Option (B): $0<a<3;a=2\implies le(4-6,-1)\implies le(-2,-1)\implies -2<0$ True.

Option (C): $a<0;a=-1\implies le(1+3,-4)\implies le(4,-4)=-4<0$, True

So Option (D) is correct.
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