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A container has 20 L of milk. 4 L of milk is replaced with an equal quantity of water. What was will be the final quantity of milk in the container if the process is repeated once again?

### Given Solution

Original quantity of milk = 20 L

After taking out 4 L and replacing it with water, milk left = 16L.

When repeating the process, after taking out 4 L of this mixture 

Quantity of milk taken out = 4 x (16/ 20) =3.2 L 

Thus, the required quantity of milk left = 32 – 2.2 L = 28.8 L 

> 28.8L ? It does not seem right.


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Why are you looking at given solutions? What answer did you get?

1 Answer

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After repeating the process of replacing 4 liters of milk with water twice, the final quantity of milk in the container will be 12.8 liters.
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