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Saurabh: Airlines have made it possible for anyone to travel around the world in much less time than was formerly possible.

Monica: That is not true. Many flights are too expensive for all but the rich.

Monica’s response shows that she interprets Saurabh’s statement to imply that

  1. everyone has an equal right to experience world travel
  2. world travel is only possible via routes serviced by airlines
  3. most forms of world travel are not affordable for most people
  4. anyone can afford to travel long distances by air
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What Saurabh meant: With the invention of airlines, travelling around the world takes much less time than it used to take.

Monica’s Interpretation of Saurabh’s statement: Airlines has made travelling affordable for anyone.

So (D) is the answer.
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Saurabh – anyone can travel around the world, because of airlines.

Monica – many flights are too expensive.

Conclusion – anyone can travel long distances by air. Option D is the right answer.

Option C is ruled out because it is talking about world travel, not air travel.


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