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Nutritionists have recommended that people eat more fiber. Advertisements for a new fiber-supplement pill state only that it contains “$44$ percent fiber.”

The advertising claim is misleading in its selection of information on which to focus if which one of the following is true?

  1. Nutritionists base their recommendation on medical findings that dietary fiber protects against some kinds of cancer.
  2. It is possible to become addicted to some kinds of advertised pills, such as sleeping pills and painkillers.
  3. The label of the advertised product recommends taking $3$ pills every day.
  4. The recommended daily intake of fiber is $20$ to $30$ grams, and the pill contains one-third gram.
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Claim: pills contains 44% fibre.

  1. False: Knowledge of this doesn’t weaken the claim or make it misleading.
  2. False: sleeping pills and painkillers has nothing to do with dietary fibre supplement pills.
  3. False: 3 pills daily is not as strange as 90 pills daily which is a stronger counter to the claim as shown below.
  4. True: if recommended daily intake is 30 gm and each pill contains only 1/3 rd gram of fibre then a whopping 90 pills will be required daily to satisfy the intake requirement, which clearly isn’t indicated by the 44% fibre label, making it misleading.




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