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A man is facing East, then he turns left and goes $10$ m, then turns right and goes $5$ m, then goes $5$ m to the south and from there $5$ m to West. In which direction is he, form this original place?

  1. East
  2. West
  3. North
  4. South
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$\textrm{North direction.}$

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According to the question after facing to the east he turns to the left and goes to 10m means moving to the north direction. After he turns to the right means east direction & goes $5$ m, then 5 m south means he is facing now south. now move to the west and goes $5$ m more.
So from the original point, he is facing to the north.
North Direction, option $C$ is correct.
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Left from East means towards North.

So, $10m$ North, $5m$ East, $5m$ South, $5m$ West.

So, he is still $5m$ North from his starting position.
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