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In a certain code language

  1. $\text{‘1 3 4’}$ means ‘you are well’,
  2. $\text{‘7 5 8’}$ means ‘they go home’,
  3. $\text{‘8 3 9’}$ means ‘we are home’,

Which of the statement can be dispensed with while answering the above question?

  1. (a) only
  2. (b) only
  3. (a) or (b) only
  4. (b) and (c) only
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what is the question asked? any word for which we need to find a number?  the number of useless statements not useful in finding a number for a word.

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We can find the code for 'home' from the second and third statements.

For finding the code for 'they', we need the code for 'go' which cannot be determined from the given data.
Clearly, statement $A$ is not necessary.

So, the correct answer is $(A).$
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