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Read the following information to answer the question.

$A+B$ means $A$ is daughter of $B$; $A*B$ means $A$ is son of $B$ and $A-B$ means $A$ is wife of $B$.

If $T-S*B-M,$ which of the following is not true?

  1. $B$ is mother of $S$
  2. $M$ is husband of $B$
  3. $S$ is daughter of $B$
  4. $T$ is wife of $S$
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$T-S \ * \ B-M$ says $T$ is the wife of $S$ who is son of $B$ who is the wife of $M$

Option C) clearly not true

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T-S means T is the wife of S, similarly, B-M means B is the wife of M.

S*B means S is the son of B.

clearly, T, B is female, and S, M is male here. 

From the above figure:

  1. $B$ is the mother of $S$: True
  2. $M $is the husband of $B$: True
  3. $S$ is the daughter of $B$: false because $S$ is male, $S$ is the son of $B$.
  4. $T$ is wife of $S$: True.

Option C is false here.

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