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The following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a magazine. Study the pie-chart and answer the question based on it.
$\textbf{Various Expenditures (in percentage) Incurred in publishing a Magazine}$

If for a certain quantity of magazine, the publisher has to pay ₹$30,600$ as printing cost, then what will be amount of royalty to be paid for these magazines ?

  1. ₹$19,450$
  2. ₹$21,200$
  3. ₹$22,950$
  4. ₹$26,150$
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2 Answers

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Given that, printing cost $ = ₹30,600$

Now, $20\% \implies ₹30,600$

Then, the amount of royalty to be paid $15\% \implies  x$

Therefore $x = ₹22,950.$

So, the correct answer is $(C).$
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Option C

Given, printing cost = 30600. So,

$20 \mathbin{\%} \Rightarrow 30600$

$1 \mathbin{\%} \Rightarrow 30600/20$

$15 \mathbin{\%} \Rightarrow (30600/20)*15$ $\Rightarrow 22950$

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