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Study the following information carefully and answer question.

Seven backpack travellers are travelling in a train compartment with III tier sleeper berth - Bob, Mop, Tom, Roy, Kos, Hog and Don. Each of them has a different profession of Architect, Doctor, Engineer, Journalist, Lawyer, Pathologist and Pharmacist. They occupied two lower berths, three middle berths and two upper berths. Bob, the Engineer is not on the upper berth. The architect is the only other person who occupies the same type of berth as that of Bob. Mop and Hog are not on the middle berth and their professions are Pathologist and Lawyer respectively. Tom is a Pharmacist. Don is neither a journalist nor an Architect. Kos occupies same type of berth as that of the Doctor.

Which of the following group occupies middle berth ?

  1. Don – Kos – Roy
  2. Don – Hog – Tom
  3. Hog – Kos – Tom
  4. Don – Kos – Tom
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Option D. Don – Kos – Tom

Lower berth $\left\{\begin{matrix} Bob\\ Roy \end{matrix}\right.$

Upper berth$\left\{\begin{matrix} Mop\\ Hog \end{matrix}\right.$

Middle berth$\left\{\begin{matrix} Tom\\ Kos\\ Don \end{matrix}\right.$


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