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Study the following information and answer the questions given.

There are seven girls sitting in a circle Aina, Bina, China, Dipa, Elina, Fiona and Gita. Five of them are facing the centre while two of them are facing opposite to the centre. China sits third to the left of Dipa and both are facing the centre.Elina is neither an immediate neighbour of Dipa nor of China. The one sitting exactly between Dipa and Fiona is facing opposite to the centre. Gita sits third to the right of Aina and Gita is facing the centre. One of Bina's neighbour is facing opposite to the centre.

Who is sitting to the immediate left of Elina?

  1. China
  2. Gita
  3. Bina
  4. Aina
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4 Answers

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      Option C  BIna


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The answer should be C) Bina.

Here is a stepwise solution -> 

1. China is sitting 3rd to the left of Dipa.(both facing inside)

2. Elina is not sitting adjacent to either of China or Dipa => only one position is left for her

3. One sitting between Dipa and Fiona will be facing outside => Dipa and Fiona need to have one empty place between them, this fixes the position of Fiona.

4. Gita sits 3rd to the right of Aina => it is not possible if we consider that Aina is facing inside(no empty place with a gap of two in between towards right). Thus, Aina is facing outside and only position which have 3rd to it's right empty is between D and F. 

5. Only one position left for Bina. Since one of Bina's neighbour is facing outwards and it isn't Dipa, it must be Elina.

Therefore, Bina is to the left of Elina and Gita is to the right of Elina.


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