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In a certain code language, lew yas iuna cejo means she is eating apples; lew tepo qua means she sells toys and sul lim cejo means I like apples. Which word in that language means she and apples ?

  1. yas & cejo
  2. yas & lew
  3. lew & cejo
  4. lew& yas
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2 Answers

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Option C. lew & cejo

Given, lew yas iuna cejo = she is eating apples …. (1)

           lew tepo qua = she sells toys …..(2)

           sul lim cejo = I like apples ….. (3)

then, lew -» she from (1) and (2)

and cejo -» apples from (1) and (3)


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Given that: lew yas iuna cejo = she is eating apples $\quad \rightarrow(1)$

lew tepo qua = she sells toys $\quad \rightarrow(2)$

From the statement $(1)$ and $(2)$, we get lew = she.

sul lim cejo = i like apples $\quad \rightarrow(3)$

From the statement $(1)$ and $(3)$, we get cejo = apples.

Now, she and apples means lew & cejo.

So, the correct answer is $(C).$
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