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Summary of the estimate of memory space occupied by the information worldwide, stored in various storage media, in the year $2000$

In the above graph, for any media of information  storage, the figures in the brackets denote the amount of memory space occupied by the information stored worldwide in that media of information storage. For example, the memory space occupied by the information contained in Music CDs worldwide is $55$ TB.


  1. $1$ Tera Byte (TB) of memory space $=10^{12}$ Bytes of memory space.
  2. All storage media are classified into four categories  – Optical, Paper, Film and Magnetic

Due to advances in technology, the information stored per unit memory space occupied worldwide increases by $20\%$ every year, while the total memory space available worldwide increases at the rate of $10\%$ every year. If in the year $2000$, $80\%$ of the memory space available worldwide is occupied by the information available worldwide, and the information available worldwide were to increase by $45\%$ every year, then which of the following years is the earliest by which there will be a shortage of memory space?

  1. $2002$
  2. $2003$
  3. $2004$
  4. $2005$
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