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The following table gives data of some students. However, some data has been spoilt and cannot be read on the computer floppy

It is also known that:

1. Half the students were either excellent or good.

2. 40% of the students were females

3. One-third of the male students were average. Based on the above answer the following questions.

How many students are both male and good?

  1. 10 
  2. 16
  3. 22 
  4. 48
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    Performance     Total
      Average         Good     Excellent  
Male $\color{blue}{16}$ $\color{blue}{22}$ 10 $\color{blue}{48}$
Female $\color{blue}{(40-16) = 24}$ $\color{blue}{8}$   -- 32
Total $\color{blue}{40}$ 30 $\color{blue}{10}$ $\color{blue}{80}$


$∴ \color{green}{\text{There are}}$ $\color{red}{22}$ $\color{green}{\text{male students who are good.}}$

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For better understanding see this :


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