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Answer the following question based on the information given below.
The figures below present annual growth rate, expressed as the $\%$ change relative to the previous year, in four sectors of the economy of the Republic of Reposia during the $9$ year period from $1990$ to $1998.$ Assume that the index of production for each of the four sectors is set at $100$ in $1989.$ Further, the four sectors manufacturing, mining and quarrying, electricity, and chemicals, respectively, constituted $20\%, 15\%, 10\%$ and $15\%$ of total industrial production in $1989.$

It is known that the index of total industrial production in $1994$ was $50$ percent more than that in $1989.$ Then, the percentage increase in production between $1989$ and $1994$ in sectors other than the four listed above is

  1. $57.5$ 
  2. $87.5$ 
  3. $127.5$ 
  4. $47.5$
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