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Two ships meet mid-ocean, and then, one ship goes south and the other ship goes west, both travelling at constant speeds. Two hours later, they are $60 \mathrm{~km}$ apart. If the speed of one of the ships is $6 \mathrm{~km}$ per hour more than the other one, then the speed, in km per hour, of the slower ship is

  1. $24$
  2. $18$
  3. $20$
  4. $12$


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Let the speed of slower ship be x kmph

So the speed of faster ship will be (x+6)kmph

Distance covered by them in 2hr will be

Slower ship=2x   Faster ship=2(x+6)=2x+12 Both ships are 60km apart

Using pythagoras theorem, 60^2=(2x)^2+(2x+12)^2



                                            x=18,-24 speed can not be negative so x=18

   Hence the speed of the slower ship will be 18kmph.So option b is the correct answer

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