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A bought an article and spent $\text{Rs. 110}$ on its repair. He then sold it to $\text{B}$ at $20 \%$ profit, $\text{B}$ sold it to $\text{C}$ at a loss of $10 \%$ and $\text{C}$ sold it for $\text{Rs. 1188}$ at a profit of $10 \%$. What is the amount for which $\text{A}$ bought the article?

  1. $\text{Rs. 850}$
  2. $\text{Rs. 950}$
  3. $\text{Rs. 930}$
  4. $\text{Rs. 890}$
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let x = amount for  he bought + amount spent on repair

x--->[x+(20%of x)=1.2x]--->[1.2x-(10% of 1.2x)=1.08x]--->[1.08x+(10%of1.08x)]

Given in question 1.08x+(10% of 1.08x)=1188

from this x=1000 you get

Required answer = 1000 – 110 = 890.


Therefore answer is option D

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