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$\textbf{Directions : }$ Read the following two scenarios and answer the question that follows :
Rohan is an excellent football player in his school's football team. In a crucial state level match, his team loses with a small margin, and this makes him feel dejected. During the match, scouts from a prominent National Football Club notice his gaming skills and offer him a position in their club.
Sanjay is exceptionally good in science and has been preparing hard on his project for the upcoming national level Science Olympiad. But just two days before the main event, he falls ill and is advised complete bed rest for at least one month. He could see his efforts going down the drain. His teacher informs him that this year, students can even send online entries. Even though Sanjay is ill and does not go in person, his project gets selected for the next level.

What conclusion can be drawn from both the scenarios?

  1. Time and tide wait for none.
  2. Opportunity knocks but once.
  3. If one door closes another opens.
  4. Hard work is the key to success.
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