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Answer questions on the basis of following information.

Neelu, Pavitra, Sinthia, Pallavi and Madhvi are five friends. Each of them has $6$ balls. Neelu gives three balls to Pallavi, who further gives two balls each to Pavitra and Madhvi. Sinthia gives $4$ balls to Neelu who in turn gives $3$ balls each to Pavitra and Madhvi. Pavitra gives $5$ balls to Sinthia and Madhvi gives $4$ balls to Pallavi.

How many balls are with sinthia ?

  1. $9$
  2. $6$
  3. $8$
  4. $7$
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2 Answers

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Answer is D 7
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Initially all having $6$ balls that is:

Neelu=6,pavitra=6,sinthia=6,pallavi=6, madhvi=6

  1. Neelu $\xrightarrow{-3}$ Pallavi $\implies$ Nellu=3, Pallavi=9
  2. Pallavi $\xrightarrow{-2}$ Pavitra,Pallavi $\xrightarrow{-2}$ Madhvi$\implies$ Pallavi=5, Madhvi=8,Pavitra=8
  3. Sinthia$\xrightarrow{-4}$ Nellu $\implies$ Nellu=7,Sinthia=2
  4. Nellu $\xrightarrow{-3}$ Pavitra, Nellu $\xrightarrow{-3}$ Madhvi $\implies$ Nellu=1,Pavitra=11,Madhvi=11
  5. Pavitra $\xrightarrow{-5}$ Sinthia    $\implies$ Pavitra=6,Sinthia=7
  6. Madhvi $\xrightarrow{-4}$ Pallvai $\implies$ Madhiv=7, Pallavi=9

$\therefore$ Sinthia has $7$ balls remaining.

Option $(D)$ is correct.

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