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Read the following information carefully to answer these questions :

  1. $\text{‘A } \$ \text{ B’}$ means $\text{‘A}$ is mother of $\text{B’;}$
  2. $\text{‘A } \# \text{ B’}$ means $\text{‘A}$ is father of $\text{B’;}$
  3. $\text{‘A } @ \text{ B’}$ means $\text{‘A}$ is husband of $\text{B’;}$
  4. $\text{‘A } \% \text{ B’}$ means $\text{‘A}$ is daughter of $\text{B’.}$

Which of the following expressions indicates $\text{‘R’}$ is the sister of $\text{‘H’}$ ?

  1. $\text{H \$ D @ F # R}$
  2. $\text{R % D @ F \$ H}$
  3. $\text{R \$ D @ F # H}$
  4. None of these
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Option (B) is correct.

  • $R\%D:$ R is the daughter of D.
  • $D@F:$D is the husband of D, and R is the child of D, F.
  • $F\$H:$F is the mother of H.

D and F are couples here who have 2 children (R, H) since R is female and H's gender is not R is the sister of H.

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