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Which of the following does not fit in the letter number series given below?

$G$ $4$ $T$   $J$ $10$ $R$   $M$ $20$ $P$   $P$ $43$ $N$   $S$ $90$ $L$

  1. $J$ $10$ $R$
  2. $M$ $20$ $P$
  3. $P$ $43$ $N$
  4. $G$ $4$ $T$
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letters are follows the pattern. the number-series $4,10,20,43,90$ should follow the pattern $\times2+1, \times2+2, \times2+3, \times2+4.$ so, $10$ is wrong and must be replaced by $(4\times2+1)$ i.e. $9.$ thus, the term $\text{j10r}$ does not fit in the given series. the correct term is $\text{j9r}$.

Hence, the answer is (A).
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The pattern is as follows:

  • $4*2+1=9$
  • $9*2+2=20$
  • $20*2+3=43$
  • $43*2+4=90$

in the series $4,10,20,43,90$ term $10 ( J 10 R)$ is incorrect.

Option (A) is correct. 

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