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Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each out of the four alternatives.

Some years ago I had the privilege of meeting the world’s oldest man. At least he said he was. And he was so dogmatic about it that the promoters of a cartoon strip that specialised in unbelievable oddities brought the old man up to New York from his native Columbia, to have him examined by a team of doctors at the Cornell Medical Centre. He was an Indian, he was four feet four inches high, he had an alligator-hide complexion and a tendency to swing with his right whenever he was passed from one medico to another. He said he was $167$, born the same year as the American Constitution. When the  name of George Washington was suggested to him, to help him fix his generation, he said he remembered the man well. But he resented coming all the way to New York. He wanted to be left alone to go about his business, which at that time was the business of looking for a sixth wife to comfort him in his approaching old age.

The old man claimed that the Americans gave themselves a Constitution:

  1. Before he was born
  2. In the year of George Washington’s birth
  3. Two centuries ago
  4. One hundred and sixty seven years ago
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Option D is the right answer.

The passage reads: He said he was 167, born the same year as the American Constitution.

This means that the man was born “one hundred and sixty seven years ago”.

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