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A B C participate in race around circular track.A and B run in same direction while C in opposite direction.if speed of A B C are 10m/s 20m/s and 30 m/s respectively and length of track is 1000 m then  after how much time they will meet for first time?
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As Given , 

speed of A= 10m/s,  B= 20m/s , C = 30m/s 

length of track is 1000m 

as we  have find out , when all will meet first time we have to calculate time taken by fastest runner over others ..

so C(30m/s fastest runner) take one round over B is  = (1000 ) / (30+20)= 20 sec (as both are in opposite direction relative speed add)

 similar C take one round over A is = (1000)/(30+10)= 25 sec.

now all will meet same first time = LCM(20,25) = 100sec ... so after 1min 40 sec , they all will meet first time

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