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$8$ persons $\text{E, F, G, H, I, J, K}$ and $\text{L}$ are seated around a square table – two on each side.
There are $3$ ladies who are not seated next to each other.
$J$ is between $L$ and $F$.
$G$ is between $I$ and $F$.
$H$, a lady member is second to the left of $J$.
$F$, a male member is seated opposite to $E$, a lady member.
There is a lady member between $F$ and $I$.

Who among the following is to the immediate left of $F$?

  1. $G$
  2. $I$
  3. $J$
  4. $H$
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 The immediate left of $F$ is $J.$

So, the correct answer is $(C).$

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