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Answer the question on the basis of the following information:

Recently, the answers of a test held nationwide were leaked to a group of unscrupulous people. The investigative agency has arrested the mastermind and nine other people $\text{A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H}$ and $\text{I}$ in this matter. Interrogating them, the following facts have been obtained regarding their operation. Initially the mastermind obtains the correct answer-key. All the others create their answer-key from one or two people who already possess the same. These people are called his/her “sources”. If the person has two sources, then he/she compares the answer- keys obtained from both sources. If the key to a question from both sources is identical, it is copied, otherwise it is left blank. If the person has only one source, he/she copies the source’s answers into his/her copy. Finally, each person compulsorily replaces one of the answers (not a blank one) with a wrong answer in his/her answer key.

The paper contained $200$ questions; so the investigative agency has ruled out the possibility of two or more of them introducing wrong answers to the same question. The investigative agency has a copy of the correct answer key and has tabulated the following data. These data represent question numbers.

$$\begin{array}{|l|l|l|}\hline \textbf{Name}&\textbf{Wrong Answer (s)}&\textbf{Blank Answer (s)}\\\hline \text{A}&46&---\\\hline  \text{B}&96&46,90,25\\\hline  \text{C}&27,56&17,46,90\\\hline  \text{D}&17&---\\\hline \text{E}&46,90&---\\\hline  \text{F}&14,46&92,90\\\hline  \text{G}&25&---\\\hline  \text{H}&46,92&---\\\hline  \text{I}&27&17,26,90\\\hline\end{array}$$

How many people (excluding the mastermind) needed to make answer keys before $\text{C}$ could make his answer key?

  1. $2$
  2. $3$
  3. $4$
  4. $5$
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