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Answer the following questions based on the information given below:

For admission to various affiliated colleges, a university conducts a written test with four different sections, each with a maximum of $50$ marks. The following table gives the aggregate as well as the sectional cut-off marks fixed by six different colleges affiliated to the university. A student will get admission only if he/she gets marks greater than on equal to the cut-off marks in each of the sections and his/her aggregate marks are at least equal to the aggregate cut-off marks as specified by the college.



                             Sectional Cut–off Marks
 A. Quant  B. Verbal  C. Logic  D. DI   Aggregate Cut–off Marks
 College 1       42       42      42                       176
 College 2         45      45                       175
 College 3               46                           171
 College 4       43          45                     178
 College 5       45        43                       180
 College 6         41        44                     176

Ramaya got calls from colleges. What could be the minimum aggregate marks obtained by her?

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