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Four alternative summaries are given below each text. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the text.
Some decisions will be fairly obvious - “no-brainers.” Your bank account is low, but you have a twoweek vacation coming up and you want to get away to some place warm to relax with your family. Will you accept your in-laws‟ offer of free use of their Florida beachfront condo? Sure. You like your employer and feel ready to move forward in your career. Will you step in for your boss for three weeks while she attends a professional development course? Of course.

  1. Some decisions are obvious under certain circumstances. You may, for example, readily accept a relative‟s offer of free holiday accommodation. Or step in for your boss when she is away.
  2. Some decisions are no-brainers. You need not think when making them. Examples are condo offers from in-laws and job offers from bosses when your bank account is low or boss is away.
  3. Easy decisions are called “no-brainers” because they do not require any cerebral activity. Examples such as accepting free holiday accommodation abound in our lives.
  4. Accepting an offer from in-laws when you are short on funds and want a holiday is a no-brainer. Another no-brainer is taking the boss‟s job when she is away
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