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Answer the questions on the basis of the information below:

An industry comprises four firms (A, B, C and D). Financial details of these firms and of the industry as a whole for a particular year are given below. Profitability of a firm is defined as profit as a percentage of sales.

Figures are in Rs. A B C D Total
Sales 24, 568 24,468 23,752 15,782 89,570
Operating costs 17,198 19,101 16,151 10,258 62,708
Interest costs 2457 2292 2850 1578 9177
Profit 4914 4075 4750 3946 17,684

Which firm has the highest profitability?

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
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First answer $\text{(D)}$

Solution : 1) Profit A /Sales A $2$) Profit B /Sales B $2$) Profit C /Sales C $2$) Profit D /Sales D  Which is hightest that one is the correct answer. ($A \approx \frac {1}{5}, B \approx \frac{1}{6}, C \approx \frac{1}{5}, D \approx \frac{1}{4}$).

Second answer $(1)$   [Sales A +  Sales B] / (Total Sales) is $55\%$
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