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All of the following sentences $\text{A, B, C}$ and $\text{D}$ are taken from a same passage and jumbled up. but one of them is incoherent. Find the incoherent statement. Sachin did not ask for this honour.

A. There are consolation prizes which console, and some which char the soul.

B. I am not suggesting we write a condolence letter, but sympathy is certainly due to Sachin.

C. Membership of Parliament is a handsome freebie for Sachin Tendulkar

D. Nomination to the Rajya Sabha is a pretty desultory substitute for someone who has been promised the Bharat Ratna. Delhi‘s politicians, ever eager to climb a bandwagon, led the clamour for Sachin‘s elevation to jewel of India after he got his $99$th international hundred. Incoherent statement is:

  1. A.
  2. B.
  3. C.
  4. D. 
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