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Hidden Island is an obscure island which is inhabited by two types of people: the 'Yes‘ type and the 'No‘ type. Native of type 'Yes‘ ask only questions the right answer to which is 'Yes‘ while those of type 'No‘ ask only questions the right answer to which is 'No‘. For example. The 'Yes‘ type will ask questions like "Is $2$ plus $2$ equal to $4?$" while the 'No‘ type will ask questions like "Is $2$ plus $2$ equal to five?" The following questions are based on your visit to the Hidden Island. 

If an islander asks, "Do I belong to the 'No‘ type", which of the following is correct? 

  1. He is a 'No‘. 
  2. He is a 'Yes‘.
  3. It is impossible for him to have asked such a question.
  4. His type cannot be identified. 

Aman and Mohan are brothers from the Island. Mohan asks you, "Is at least one of us brothers of type 'No"? You can conclude that 

  1. Aman is 'NO‘, Mohan is 'Yes'  
  2. both are 'Yes‘. 
  3. Aman is 'Yes‘, Mohan is 'No‘. 
  4. both are 'No‘. 

Arrange sentences A, B, C and D between sentences 1 and 6 to form a logical sequence of six sentences.

1. Good literary magazines have always been good because of their editors.

A. Furthermore, to edit by committee, as it were, would prevent any magazine from finding its own identity.

B. The more quirky and idiosyncratic they have been, the better the magazine is, at least as a general rule.

C. But the number of editors one can have for a magazine should also be determined by the number of contributions to it.

D. To have four editors for an issue that contains only seven contributions, it is a bit silly to start with.

6. However, in spite of this anomaly, the magazine does acquire merit in its attempt to give a comprehensive view of the Indian literary scene as it is today. 

  1. ABCD 
  2. BCDA 
  3. ABDC 
  4. CBAD 
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