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The question is based on the pie chart given below :

Share of Revenue obtained from each type (by capacity) of connection sold by $\text{VSNL}$ out of total revenue of $\text{VSNL}$ from sales of connections (for the year $2021)$

Total revenue from sale of connections by $\text{VSNL}$ in $2021 = \text{Rs. 15 lakh.}$

Total Number of connections $=10000$

What is the appropriate ratio of the revenues from $256 \; \text{Kbps}$ connections to that of $128 \; \text{Kbps}$ connections in $2021?$ 

  1. $1.07$
  2. $1.38$
  3. $1.26$
  4. $1.14$
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