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Directions: Answer question based on the given information.

There are four friends. Namely Akshay, Bhushan, Chanderjeet and Dhiraj. Each person plays one outdoor game and has one hobby related to fine arts.

  • Two persons are interested in cricket while the other two like to play hockey.
  • Two of these four persons are painters, one is a singer and the fourth one is dancer.
  • Akshay is neither a painter nor a hockey player. Bhushan does not dance.
  • The one who likes dancing, plays hockey.
  • Bhushan and Dhiraj don't play cricket.

Which pair shows the correct relationship of the game and fine arts hobby of Dhiraj ?

  1. Cricket, Dancing
  2. Cricket, Singing
  3. Hockey, Dancing
  4. Cricket, Painting
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Option (C) is correct.

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