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Answer questions based on the following information given below.

Five courses - $\text{A, B, C, D}$ and $\text{E}$ each of one month duration are to be taught from January to May one after the other though not necessarily in the same order by lecturers $\text{P, Q, R, S}$ and $\text{T. P}$ teaches course $\text{‘B’}$ but not in the month of April or May. $\text{Q}$ teaches course $\text{‘A’}$ in the month of March. $\text{R}$ teaches in the month of January, but does not teach course $\text{‘C’}$ or $\text{‘D’}.$

Which course is taught by $\text{S}$?

  1. $\text{A}$
  2. $\text{E}$
  3. Either $\text{C}$ or $\text{D}$
  4. $\text{B}$
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According to the given information;

  • $P$ teach course $B$ but not in the month of April or May which means it could be JAN/FEB/MARCH.
  • $Q$ teaches course $A$ in the month of March.,that means $P$ could be in the month of JAN/FEB.
  • $R$ teaches in the month of January but does not teach course  $C$ or $D$, clearly, $P$ teach in the month of FEB and $R$ teaches $E$

From the above, we can say that $S$ teaches either $C$ or $D$

Option (C) is correct.


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