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$\text{A} \times \text{B}$ means $\text{A}$ is the sister of $\text{B, A + B}$ means $\text{A}$ is the daughter of $\text{B, A-B}$ means $\text{A}$ is the son of $\text{B}$. On the basis of the information, you have to tell, how is $\text{P}$ related to $\text{S}$ in the relationship $\text{P-Q} \times \text{R+S}?$ 

  1. Brother
  2. Son
  3. Grandson
  4. Daughter's son
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$P-Q\times R+S$:

  • $P-Q$: P is the son of Q.
  • $Q\times R$: Q is the sister of R. Q and R are female here.
  • $R+S$: R is the daughter of S. S has 2 daughters Q, R, and P is his/her daughter’s son.

Option (D) is correct.


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