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The Ministry of Tourism in country $\text{X}$ began an expensive television advertising campaign in country $\text{Y}$ two years ago. Since that time, the number of visitors to country $\text{X}$ from country $\text{Y}$ has increased by more than $8$ percent. Clearly, the Ministry of Tourism's campaign is responsible for the increase.

Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the argument above?

  1. The advertisement sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism in country $\text{X}$ were banned by the country $\text{Y}$ media for lack of imagination.
  2. A devaluation of the currency in country $\text{X}$ two years ago made travel there more affordable for residents of country $\text{Y}.$
  3. Increasing political turmoil in country $\text{X}$ will lead to a decrease in visitors from country $\text{Y}$ next year
  4. The number of visitors from country $\text{Y}$ to country $\text{Z}$ increased by more than $8$ percent over the past two years.
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