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A government is assigning each of six embassy office workers - Farr, Golden, HayaKawa, Inserra, Jones, and Kovacs to embassies. There are four embassies. Embassies L and M are located in countries with dry climates, whereas embassies P and T are located in countries with humid climates.The office workers must be assigned according to the following rules :

Each embassy must have at least one of the workers assigned to it. 

At least one embassy in a humid climate must have at least two workers assigned to it.

Golden cannot be assigned to the same embassy as Kovacs.

Inserra must be assigned to an embassy in a dry climate.

Jones must be assigned to an embassy in a humid climate.


If Golden and Kovacs, are assigned to L and M, respectively which of the following must be true?
  1. Farr is assigned to either P or T.
  2. Inserra is assigned to either P or T.
  3. P and T each have two workers assigned to them.
  4. HayaKawa is assigned to L.
  5. HayaKawa is assigned to T.
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