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Fill the gaps in the passage below with the most appropriate word from the options given for each gap. The right words are the ones used by the author. Be guided by the author’s overall style and meaning when you choose the answers.

In a large company, ______$(1)$___ people is about as common as using a gun or a switch-blade to ___$(2)$___ an argument. As a result, most managers have little or no experience of firing people, and they find it emotionally automatic, as result, they often delay the act interminably, much as an unhappy spouse will prolong a bad marriage. And when the firing is done, it’s often done clumsily, with far worse side effects than are necessary.

Do the world-class software organizations have a different way of firing people? No. But they do the deed swiftly, humanely, and professionally.

They key point here is to view the fired employee as a “failed product” and to ask how the process ____$(3)$___ such a phenomenon in the first place.

    1. resolve
    2. thwart
    3. defeat
    4. close
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