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The cars at dealership come with a choice of the following options: air conditioning, a cassette deck, leather seats, power windows, a sunroof and tinted glass. None of the cars has any other optional equipment. The following conditions apply:

If a car has leather seats, it also has a cassette deck. If car has a cassette deck, it also has power windows; If a car has power windows, it also has cassette deck.

Cars with tinted glass have a sunroof, but no air-conditioning. Cars that have air-conditioning have at most two other options.

Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate list of options on a car?

  1. Air-conditioning, cassette deck, leather seats, power windows.
  2. Air-conditioning, cassette deck, leather seats, sunroof.
  3. Cassette deck, leather seats, sunroof, tinted glass.
  4. Cassette deck, power windows, sunroof, tinted glass.
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