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Fill in the blanks, numbered $[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]$ in the passage below with the most appropriate word from the options given for each blank.

"Between the year $1946$ and the year $1955,$ I did not file any income tax returns." With that $[1]$ statement, Ramesh embarked on an account of his encounter with the Income Tax Department. “I originally owed Rs. $20,000$ in unpaid taxes. With $[2]$ and $[3],$ the $20,000$ became $60, 000.$ The Income tax Department then went into action, and I learned firsthand just how much power the Tax Department wields. Royalties and trust funds can be $[4];$ automobiles may be $[5],$ auctioned off. Nothing belongs to the $[6]$ until the case is settled.

    1. closed
    2. detached
    3. attached
    4. impounded
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