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Ravi works in an online food-delivery company. After each delivery, customers rate Ravi on each of four parameters – Behaviour, Packaging, Hygiene, and Timeliness, on a scale from $1$ to $9.$ If the total of the four rating points is $25$ or more, then Ravi gets a bonus of $₹ 20$ for that delivery. Additionally, a customer may or may not give Ravi a tip. If the customer gives a tip, it is either $₹ 30$ or $₹ 50.$

One day, Ravi made four deliveries – one to each of Atal, Bihari, Chirag and Deepak, and receives a total of $₹ 120$ in bonus and tips. He did not get both a bonus and a tip from the same customer.

The following additional facts are also known.

  1. In Timeliness, Ravi received a total of $21$ points, and three of the customers gave him the same rating points in this parameter. Atal gave higher rating points than Bihari and Chirag in this parameter.
  2. Ravi received distinct rating points in Packaging from the four customers adding up to $29$ points. Similarly, Ravi received distinct rating points in Hygiene from the four customers adding up to $26$ points.
  3. Chirag gave the same rating points for Packaging and Hygiene.
  4. Among the four customers, Bihari gave the highest rating points in Packaging, and Chirag gave the highest rating points in Hygiene.
  5. Everyone rated Ravi between $5$ and $7$ in Behaviour. Unique maximum and minimum ratings in this parameter were given by Atal and Deepak respectively.
  6. If the customers are ranked based on ratings given by them in individual parameters, then Atal’s rank based on Packaging is the same as that based on Hygiene. This is also true for Deepak.

In which parameter did Atal give the maximum rating points to Ravi?

  1. Timeliness
  2. Behaviour
  3. Hygiene
  4. Packaging
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