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The horizontal bars in the above diagram represent $2020$ aggregate sales $\text{(in ₹ million)}$ of a company for the different subcategories of its products. The top four product subcategories (Bookcases, Chairs, Furnishings, Tables) belong to furniture product category; the bottom four product subcategories (Accessories, Copiers, Machines, Phones) belong to the technology product category while all other product subcategories belong to the office supply product category. For each of the product subcategories, there is a vertical line indicating the sales of the corresponding subcategory in $2019.$

The improvement index for a category is the maximum percentage increase in sales from $2019$ to $2020$ among any of its subcategories. The correct order of categories in increasing order of this improvement index is

  1. technology, furniture, office supply
  2. office supply, technology, furniture
  3. furniture, technology, office supply
  4. office supply, furniture, technology
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