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Amudha, Bharatan, Chandran, Dhinesh, Ezhil, Fani and Gowtham are seven people in a town. Any pair of them could either be strangers, acquaintances, or friends. All relationships are mutual. For example, if Amudha is a friend of Bharatan, then Bharatan is also a friend of Amudha. Similarly, if Amudha is a stranger to Bharatan, then Bharatan is also a stranger to Amudha.

Partial information about the number of friends, acquaintances, and strangers of each of these people among them is given in the table below.

$$\begin{array}{|l|c|c|c|} \hline  & \text{No. of Friends} & \text{No. of Acquaintances} & \text{No. of Strangers} \\\hline \text{Amudha} &  & 1 & 4 \\\hline \text{Bharatan} &  &  &  \\\hline \text{Chandran} &  & 1 & \\\hline \text{Dhinesh} &  &  & 2 \\\hline \text{Ezhil} &  &  & 1 \\\hline \text{Fani} & 1 &  &   \\\hline \text{Gowtham} & & 3 & 2 \\\hline \end{array}$$

The following additional facts are also known.

  1. Amudha, Bharatan, and Chandran are mutual strangers.
  2. Amudha, Dhinesh, and Fani are Ezil’s friends.
  3. Chandran and Gowtham are friends.
  4. Every friend of Amudha is an acquaintance of Bharatan, and every acquaintance of Bharatan is a friend of Amudha.
  5. Every friend of Bharatan is an acquaintance of Amudha, and every acquaintance of Amudha is a friend of Bharatan.

How many friends does Ezhil have ?

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