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In the final examination, Bishnu scored $52\%$ and Asha scored $64\%.$ The marks obtained by Bishnu is $23$ less, and that by Asha is $34$ more than the marks obtained by Ramesh. The marks obtained by Geeta, who scored $84\%,$ is 

  1. $439$
  2. $399$
  3. $357$
  4. $417$
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Let us assume that the total marks is $100x$

Then Bishnu marks =$52x$

Asha marks = $64x$

Now according to the question, if $y$ is the mark obtained by Ramesh,

$52x=y-23 \longrightarrow (1)$

$64x=y+34 \longrightarrow (2)$

Equation $(2)-(1)$

$\Rightarrow 12x=57 $

$\Rightarrow x= \frac{57}{12}$

$\therefore 84x=\frac{57*84}{12}=399$

Note: $84x$ means scored obtain by Gita that is $84 \%$

So option $B$ is correct.
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