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The humanities department of a college is planning to organize eight seminars, one for each of the eight doctoral students $\text{- A, B, C, D, E, F, G}$ and $\text{H}.$ Four of them are from Economics, three from sociology and one from Anthropology department. Each student is guided by one among $\text{P, Q, R, S}$ and $\text{T}.$ Two students are guided by of $\text{P, R}$ and $\text{T},$ while one student is guided by each of $\text{Q}$ and $\text{S}.$ Each student is guided by a guide belonging to their department.

Each seminar is to be scheduled in one of four consecutive $30\text{-minute}$ slots starting at $9:00 \; \text{am}, \; 9:30 \; \text{am}, \; 10:00 \; \text{am}$ and $10:30 \; \text{am}$ on the same day. More than one seminars can be scheduled in a slot, provided the guide is free. Only three rooms are available and hence at the most three seminars can be scheduled in a slot. Students who are guided by the same guide must be scheduled in consecutive slots. 

The following additional facts are also known.

  1. Seminars by students from Economics are scheduled in each of the four slots.
  2. $\text{A’s}$ is the only seminar that is scheduled at $10:00 \; \text{am}. \text{A}$ is guided by $\text{R}.$
  3. $\text{F}$ is an Anthropology student whose seminar is scheduled at $10:30 \; \text{am}.$
  4. The seminar of a Sociology student is scheduled at $9:00 \; \text{am}.$
  5. $\text{B}$ and $\text{G}$ are both Sociology students, whose seminars are scheduled in the same slot. The seminar of an Economics student, who is guided by $\text{T},$ is also scheduled in the same slot.  
  6. $\text{P},$ who is guiding both $\text{B}$ and $\text{C},$ has students scheduled in the first two slots.
  7. $\text{A}$ and $\text{G}$ are scheduled in two consecutive slots.

Who all are $\text{NOT}$ guiding any Economics students$?$

  1. $\text{P, R}$ and $\text{S}$
  2. $\text{P, Q}$ and $\text{R}$
  3. $\text{P, Q}$ and $\text{S}$
  4. $\text{Q, R}$ and $\text{S}$
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