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A chemical plant has four tanks $\text{(A, B, C and D),}$ each containing $1000$ litres of a chemical. The chemical is being pumped from one tank to another as follows:

From $\text{A to B}\; @20$ litres/minute

From $\text{C to A}\; @ 90$ litres / minute

From $\text{A to D}\; @ 10$ litres / minute

From $\text{C to D}\; @ 50$ litres / minute

From $\text{B to C}\; @ 100$ litres /minute

From $\text{D to B}\; @ 100$ litres / minute

Which tank gets emptied first and how long does it take (in minutes) to get empty after pumping starts?

  1. $\text{A} 16.66$
  2. $\text{C}, 20$
  3. $\text{D}, 20$
  4. $\text{D}, 25$
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