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Eight fighter pilots flying over a conflict region notice some hostile activity taking place in a village. To peaceably resolve the conflict, they land their planes and decide that it would be best to send those pilots who would best complement each other as negotiators to talk to the warring parties. The pilots $\text{A, B, C, D, E, F, G,}$ and $\text{H}$ are chosen as negotiators according to the following conditions:

  1. $\text{A}$ is chosen if $\text{B}$ is chosen.
  2. If $\text{G}$ is not chosen, then $\text{A}$ and $\text{F}$ are chosen.
  3. $\text{B}$ and $\text{H}$ are chosen if $\text{A}$ is chosen
  4. If $\text{F}$ is not chosen, then $\text{G}$ is chosen
  5. If $\text{H}$ is not chosen, then $\text{E}$ is chosen.
  6. If $\text{C}$ is not chosen, then $\text{D}$ is not chosen, and if $\text{D}$ is not chosen , then $\text{C}$ is not chosen.

What is the greatest number of pilots that could be sent to negotiate?

  1. $5$
  2. $6$
  3. $7$
  4. $8$
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