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The question is based on the information given below:

As Sumit closes his eyes to go to sleep, he visualizes nine sheep jumping over a fence. The sheep’s names are Arti, Bhola, Chotu, Dhuli, Esha, Fallu, Golu, Heera, an Itti. The sheep are either in the pasture or outside of the pasture based on whether or not they have jumped over the fence. Their presence is governed by the following constraints:

  1. If Golu is in the pasture, then Dhuli is out.
  2. If Fallu is in the pasture, then Arti is out.
  3. Itti is in the pasture if Fallu is out.
  4. Dhuli is in the pasture if Chotu is in.
  5. Esha is in the pasture if Bhola is out.
  6. Heera is outside of the pasture.
  7. If Golu is outside of the pasture, then Esha is out.

At most, how many sheep could be in the pasture at the same time?

  1. four
  2. five
  3. six
  4. seven
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