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Bevex, an artificial sweetener used only in the soft drinks, is carcinogenic for mice, but only when it is consumed in very large quantities. To ingest an amount of Bevex equivalent to the amount fed to the mice in the relevant studies, a person would have to drink $25$ cans of Bevex sweetened soft drinks per day. For that reason, Bevex is in fact safe for people.

In order for the conclusion that Bevex is safe for people to be properly drawn, which one of the following must be true?

  1. Cancer from carcinogenic substances develops more slowly in mice than it does in people.
  2. If all food additives that are currently used in foods were tested, some would be found to be carcinogenic for mice.
  3. People drink fewer than $25$ cans of Bevex-sweetened soda per day.
  4. People can obtain important health benefits by controlling their weight through the use of artificially sweetened soft drinks.
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A.False: that would make the test conducted on mice pointless, and the foundation for the conclusion drawn can’t be established.

B.False: it doesn’t have anything to do with the drawn conclusion that Bevex is safe for people.

C.True: it has been mentioned in the passage that 25 cans of Bevex sweetened needs to be consumed in order to be comparable to the study on mice, but that is rarely the case for people(unless there are some outliers :))

D.False. this cannot be concluded from the paragraph, despite being a good alternative to sugar with high calorific value, Bevex being an aritifically sweetening agent isn’t safe.
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