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In this question, there are five sentences/paragraphs. The sentence/paragraph labelled A is in its correct place. The four that follow are labelled B, C, D and E are need to be arranged in logical order to form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the most appropriate option.

  1. I had six thousand acres of land, arid has thus got much spare land besides the coffee plantation. Part of the farm was native forest, and about one thousand acres were squatters’ land, what [the Kikuyu] called their shambas.
  2. The squatters land was more intensely alive than the rest of the farm, and was changing with the seasons the year around. The maize grew up higher than your head as you walked on the narrow hard-trampled footpaths in between the tall green rustling regiments.
  3. The squatters are Natives, who with their family hold a few acres on a white man’s farm, and return have to work for him a certain number of days in a year. My squatters, I think, saw the relationship in a different light, for many of them were born on the farm, and their fathers before them, and they very likely regarded me as a sort of superior squatter on their estates.
  4. The Kikuyu also grew the sweet potatoes that have a wine like leaf and spread over the ground like a dense entangled mat, and many varieties of big yellow and green speckled pumpkins.
  5. The beans ripened in the fields, were gathered and thrashed by the women, and the maize stalk and coffee pods were collected and burned, so that in certain seasons thin blue columns of smoke rose here and there all over the farm.
    1. CBDE
    2. BCDE
    3. CBED
    4. DBCE
    5. EDBC
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