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What will be area of the rhombus with equations of sides $ax \pm$ $by \pm c$ = $1$ ?

  1. $\frac{3c^{2}}{ab}$sq. units
  2. $\frac{4c^{2}}{ab}$sq. units
  3. $\frac{2c^{2}}{ab}$sq. units
  4. $\frac{c^{2}}{ab}$sq. units
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Option (C)

Consider the given equation as $ax\pm by\pm c = 0$ then, 

The coordinates of the vertices are  (−a/c​,0),(a/c​,0),(0,b/c​),(0,−b/c​)

Let d1​,d2​ be the diagonals of the rhombus. 

d1​ = 2c/a

d2​ = 2c/b

Area = ​1/2(d1​.d2)​ 

= 2*c^2/ab​

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